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Fix Your Posture Challenge #1

In today’s world, longer periods of sitting and higher levels of stress increases stiffness, which decreases flexibility. In these next few weeks, follow these poses and exercises to improve your posture, ease your pain and increase your range of motion.

Let’s begin!

Challenge #1: Box Frame with Arm Extension- each side.

This first move will increase fluidity in your spine, approximate your shoulder blades and opens your chest.

What to do:

  • Start in a tabletop position.

  • Take a deep breath in and extend the arm up towards the sky.

  • Pause. Feel the stretch across the front of your body, at the same feeling the back muscle engage.

  • Exhale to lower back down.

  • Repeat 12 times with one arm then switch.

  • Repeat each side 3 times.

  • (For a total of 36 arm extensions on each side).

That’s it, you’re done!

Did you notice if one side was tighter than the other? This is normal, just continue going through the motions with ease, don’t rush the movement, hence the pause at the top. Once you’re done, notice how much better your back feels!

Do this exercise everyday for the next 7 days until the next challenge comes out next week.

Type “Yes” if you’re joining the challenge!

Keep me posted on your progress and enjoy!

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