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School’s Back in Session: Spring Sale on Now!

Spring break came and went! School’s back in session, in-person and online.

If you’re looking to take a course this spring, let it be a course that will further your knowledge in health, wellness, and fitness. With the growing concerns of public health, learning about the human body, stress management, and natural ways to decrease inflammation holds lots of value.

Let’s Study Fascia Therapy

My course “An Introduction to Fascia Therapy” is on sale now, only on Udemy. It is based on my book "Connect: A Practical Guide to Fascia" which is included in the full course.

Fascia therapy is a form of massage therapy, and it is a gentle and safe approach that helps the body tap into it’s natural healing abilities. If this sounds like something that interests you because it is contrary to that of traditional medicine, namely pills, medication, and surgery for pain relief, then this course might be just the thing for you.

Learn this light and unforced touch to achieve remarkable results with pain! The benefits include:

  • identifying and easing myofascial restrictions

  • improved body symmetry

  • increased mobility

  • structural alignment

  • increased joint lubrification

  • decreased inflammation

  • decreased muscle pain

  • scar tissue breakdown

  • reduced visibility of cellulite

This course is beneficial for massage therapists, body workers, health practitioners, exercise & yoga instructors who want to learn more about fascia therapy. However, there are students who have already enrolled who are not in the health industry and who just wanted to learn how to help their ailments at home.

Plus enjoy the unique view that was all filmed from my perspective. It's like having a virtual reality experience!

For the next 30 days, use Promo Code: SPRING30 to get 30% OFF NOW! If that wasn't enough, the first 3 lectures are FREE!

Click the Course Page or link below first to see a sneak peak of how the lessons look on your device:

Click the Udemy logo to enroll. Use Promo Code: SPRING30 to get 30% OFF NOW!

(When you click on the link, the coupon will be applied to the course’s price automatically, should there be technical difficulties, please redeem the code on the course landing page.)

Let's dive in to develop the power of this intentional touch!

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