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Introduction to Fascia Therapy Course, only on Udemy!

Feel the "WHAT" in this gentle touch... PSST, the secret is in Technique #1!

Check out the 1st free video and enroll to learn more!


Massage therapists, bodyworkers, lightworkers... Do you sometimes wonder: "what" it is you should be feeling? 

Then discover this dynamic yet relaxing course, which offers an in-depth look at the connective tissue in the human body, known as fascia. It also offers helpful insights which sets you up for a successful practice.

Based on the book "Connect: A Practical Guide to Fascia," this course is beneficial for massage therapists, bodyworkers, Reiki practitioners, health practitioners, exercise & yoga instructors who want to learn more about fascia therapy and develop their therapeutic touch!

Fascia therapy is a gentle and safe modality designed to identify and ease myofascial restrictions. Learn this light and unforced touch to achieve remarkable results with clients. The benefits range from improved body symmetry and structural alignment, to scar tissue breakdown, deep relaxation, and reduced visibility of cellulite.

Plus enjoy the unique, first-person view, all filmed from my perspective, giving the viewer a virtual reality experience!


Let's get started and dive in to develop the power of this intentional touch. Click the link or the Udemy logo to enroll!

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