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Tele-Care Video Consultation

Book a session with me and we will go through a full health status check as if we were together in person! I will provide you with a full postural analysis to look at what tension could be causing your pain. I offer recommendations on how to relieve painful symptoms and what changes to make specific to your lifestyle.


Relaxation Massage

Practiced with the use of oils and applying light to deep pressure. Swedish massage benefits include stimulation of blood flow, collagen/elastin and endorphins. It promotes great relaxation and relieves stress.


Advanced Therapeutic Massage

Kinesitherapy uses a range of techniques such as a postural analysis to determine imbalances in the body, manual massage which is usually done without oil as fasciatherapy, pressure points and mobilizations. Aids many pathologies such as sciatica, carpel tunnel syndrome and migraines. Aims to achieve balance in the posture and biomechanics of the body.


Tissue Healing

Trigger Points are tender or irritable spots where nodules are often felt. Signs there is a Trigger Point present often include referred pain to predictable areas, restrictions of mobility and spasmic reactions. Ischemic pressures and myofascial techniques are used to ease these tensions and reverse nervous patterns that have embedded in the body.


Tissue Healing

Practiced without the use of oils, a gentle method that gives traction and releases the superficial, intermediate and deep fasciae layers of the body. This technique is very effective to reduce overall postural tension, relieve nerve pathways and reduce adhesions in scar tissue. This method brings an awareness to the tissue and a calm sense of being.


Gentle Bodywork

A method concerned with the production, reabsorption and containment of the cerebral spinal fluid. Through light touch and micro-movements, this non-invasive therapy can aid almost any pathology from TMJ pain to vertigo. Craniosacral therapy also boosts the immune system, promoting the body's own capability to self-heal.


Specific Bodywork

Aimed to work on temporomandibular joint pain and any tenderness or sensitivity around the same area. Can alleviate radiating facial pain, clicking in the jaw, sinus pressure and migraines. TMJ massage can release any tension in the face and neck caused by clenching the jaw, grinding the teeth or due to other conditions such as osteoporosis. 

For dental care due to TMJ disorders, please contact:


Relaxation + Advanced Healing

Book a session with me and one of my colleagues to receive a 4-Hand Full Body Massage or 4-Hand Massage+Reiki combo; balancing the body & mind.


Relaxation + Advanced Healing

Book a session with me and one of my colleagues for you and your loved ones. It can be your spouse, parent, best-friend or whoever you wish to relax with. We have 2 massage tables, you may each choose to receive a massage; or one person can receive a massage and the other person can choose to have a Reiki session. Enjoy a moment of Zen together.

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Professional Nutrition Consultation

As a Certified Nutritionist, I will calculate your body mass index (BMI), identify your eating habits and food choices, evaluate your priorities, establish your nutrition goals, achieve specific metabolic effects such as weight loss, weight gain or eliminating cellulite. PLUS get a custom shopping list or 7-day meal plan that I provide for you!


Energy + Bodywork

As a Certified Reiki Master, I can help you address underlying issues such as stress, drama or trauma in your life, if you truly want to heal. Reiki helps restore balance of energy where it is needed in the mind and the body. Since energy is electromagnetic in nature, placing the hands over the chakra energy locations activates a frequency which transfers from the Reiki practitioner to the client to improve the body's natural ability to heal.

Update: The COVID-19 restrictions for all self-care services have been lifted as of June 1st, 2020. Thank you!