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It's Movember- Let's Talk Men's Health

The month of November began to be known as Movember back in 2003, with Mo- standing for moustache. The moustache symbolizes the cause, like the red ribbon is the symbol for AIDS awareness. Men are encouraged to grow or sport a moustache to raise awareness for men’s health issues, such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health.

Traditionally, men are viewed as strong, macho, and maybe even aggressive. They come from generations and generations of hard workers, with expectations from family or society to continue being hard on themselves. But for men to continue to thrive, they need to live healthier and happier lives. Lots of men feel pressure to push onward even when they’re tired and overwhelmed. This leads to physical health issues, as well as mental health issues.

A healthy amount of testosterone is needed for a man to procreate and provide, however, a healthy amount of self-care is also needed. As the saying goes: We can only serve from a full cup, and that goes for men too.

Let’s look at some simple self-assessment and self-care tips you can do for Movember!


Guys, you can take this small quiz to monitor these next topics yourself:

  1. Underwear: How tight is your underwear? Not tight – Somewhat tight – Tight.

  2. Sleep Quality: How well do you sleep? Not well – Decent amount – Very well.

  3. Diet & Water: How much protein, vegetables, and water do I have per day? Not enough – Decent amount – I always track my food & water.

Wearing tight underwear, not getting enough sleep, along with a poor diet can increase chances of prostate cancer, testicular cancer, lower sperm count, lower libido, lower energy levels, depression, and other mental health issues.

It is common knowledge that good sleep, plenty of water, and watching what you eat is important for living a long and healthy life. More specifically for men, it is also very important that your underwear feels loose and comfortable. Anything snug or tight can lead to general discomforts like chafing or groin pain, but overtime circulation also gets cut-off, leading to erectile dysfunction, lower sperm count, and urinary tract infections.

For far too long, men have associated these symptoms with being inadequate in some way, and that if something is wrong with their penis then something is wrong with them. The truth is- something is wrong with your underwear (and/or diet, hydration, rest).

Self-assess and then self-adjust with these self-care tips.


If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I’m a huge advocate for self-care, you can see my #selfcaresunday posts each week. This doesn’t only apply to women taking bubble baths and going to the spa. Self-care is about checking-in with yourself, for both women and men.

Guys, now here are your self-care tips you can implement into your routine to boost your mood and energy levels:

  1. Nap: That’s right- the famous “dad-nap” is actually a good thing! However, not every day and not for too long as this can increase fatigue. Studies show that taking a nap once or twice a week, in the early afternoon, for about 20-45 minutes max is beneficial for the heart, increases alertness, boosts memory and performance after catching up on some sleep.

  2. Take a Mental-Health Day: Schedule time to focus on yourself, like booking a massage, trying a meditation, or going for a hike. Consciously deciding to put your stress on hold for a bit, and focusing on something relaxing, just for you, can really recharge your batteries.

  3. Get Moving: Exercise is necessary for a healthy body and mind! It reduces inflammation, boosts endorphins (our “feel-good” hormone), boosts dopamine (our “reward” hormone), therefore increasing levels of happiness and vitality.

  4. Go Shopping: Find the right underwear. Ditch the tight elastics and get loose-fit underwear. Proper breathing space = proper function.

These tips will help keep testosterone levels healthy and balanced! If you don’t already have any of these in your routine, take 3-4 days during the month of November and try each one.

Men, this is your month and there’s no time like the present.

For more information on other tight clothes and shoes, read here:

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