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Notification: New Blog Update

A new change is coming to the blog, it’s a small change, but I would like to notify all the readers none-the-less.

Please note that all blog articles will now be published every two weeks instead of weekly. I continue to read, research, and write information on health and wellness that I want to share with you, but in addition to a high demand of clients in-person, I must simply make room for both!

Deciding to make space in life allows the release of constant control. Amid routines, schedules, and movement, the need to keep control on things is often present. This is good for organization and motivation to get things done. Sometimes, we simply need to step back and create space for peace, which allows quality time to enter our busy lives.

On that note, please enjoy this beautiful self-care quote:

“Peace is always right here. You just have to create space for it.” -Carol Tuttle

Meanwhile, please enjoy any of the latest publications if you haven’t gotten a chance to read them yet, like:

Furthermore, if you need to take an appointment, please check out my Services page or email me directly at

Be sure to check out my Instagram page for weekly posts like #SelfCareSunday.

Thank you all and have a nice day!

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