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11 Daily Affirmations for Self-Love and Prosperity.

Many of us are in the pursuit of happiness. We want to be happy every day, but some days are just more difficult than others, therefore it is not always easy to keep a positive outlook. That is why I am always presenting something new in health and wellness for my readers, so that you may be equipped with the proper tools to help you create the desired effect you want to have in your life. The powerful self-help technique I will present to you is how to use affirmations.

What is an Affirmation?

An affirmation is a positive word or statement designed to lift your thoughts and focus your attention only on what you desire. The law of attraction states that what we focus on, we will attract; and to not spend any time thinking about any other outcome because that can cause delays and distractions in life, which can be detrimental to the ultimate goal.

For example, say you want to lose weight, you wouldn’t picture yourself heavier and out of shape at the end of the finish line. You want to picture a better, healthier version of yourself. Any other scenario is a fabrication of your own thoughts, which often come from moments of doubt. Doubt is totally normal but it and only wastes time on scenarios that are not real and not welcome. A sure-fire method to overcome negative thoughts, such as doubt, is with affirmations.

11 Daily Affirmations for Self-Love and Prosperity

I chose 11 affirmations specifically because the #11 is the ultimate number of successful manifestations.

The following affirmations will help you retain your focus, reduce stress and maintain motivation even in the most difficult situations you face each day. Each one is created and selected carefully in the order that will first renew your spirit and then help you regain control of external situations involving others.

Bonus Tip: Write down the affirmations that speak loudest to you. The act of rewriting the affirmations is a good way to make it personal for you and implement them into your life whenever you need them.

Give yourself just a few moments to read each affirmation; notice how they make you feel calm, focused and ready for anything!

1. I am thankful to be alive: Develop an attitude of gratitude.

2. I am patient and kind to myself and others: Send love to yourself and fill up your cup first, then you will have the energy for others.

3. I choose to be happy in any situation: Even in moments of stress, try to step back and know this too shall pass because everything is temporary.

4. I focus only on what I can control and release doubt: Stop worrying about what could go wrong and focus only on what could go right!

5. I have what it takes to succeed in life: Happiness and kindness are the new measures of success in life, not a title or a raise.

6. My home is filled with love: Take care of your home, it is your sanctuary; be grateful for shelter.

7. My family and friends are healthy and well: Checking in on loved ones and wishing them all good things can create a sense of reassurance.

8. I am free from judgement- I accept people just as they are: We are all different and different is good, however you cannot change everyone. Rather, change the way you react to them.

9. I listen carefully and hear what others are saying: Communication is important and sometimes just listening to someone will help sort things out.

10. I happily complete the job that is mine to do: Work with integrity and go to bed happy.

11. My life is good, and I choose to focus on love: Look at all the positive aspects in your life; the more you see the good in your life the more love you will attract.

I hope you chose a few of these affirmations to write down so that you may have them whenever needed. In a moment of stress, choose the right affirmation, say it, believe it and see how it changes the way you feel about the situation.

For more daily affirmations, check out The Body Blog's Quotes&Mantras board on Pinterest.

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