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Reader's Poll Results: What Do You Want To Know More About?

And the winner is...

How to Fight Anxiety.

Did your choice win in the survey? If so, stay tuned for more on how to fight anxiety from home.

As mentioned last week, if your choice did not win in the survey, not to worry because due to high demand of each topic, the survey has now become a series! Each topic will be featured, one topic per week, everyone wins!

The Reader's Poll Series will feature an informative article for each of the topics that did not win. Followed by a special surprise for the topics that did win, which were Migraine Relief and How to Fight Anxiety, with the greatest number of votes.

The articles will be released as follows, so make sure to check back for the one you voted for!

Runners up:

Frozen Shoulder Pain Relief

Maintaining a Positive Well-Being

Sciatica Pain Relief

Prioritizing Mental Health


Migraine Relief

How to Fight Anxiety

Make sure to stay tuned every week, take some time for yourself to learn about these topics as they promote good health and well-being. Feel free to like and share the articles with anyone you think may benefit from this information as well. Let’s take care of each other.


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