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Quit Sugar Summit

Join the Quit Sugar Summit! 100% FREE event for anyone to attend online.

This is important information to help save the lives of our loved ones and the planet!

Quitting sugar WILL improve metabolic health & mental health. Quit buying ultra-processed food and this WILL improve the climate of our planet.

A Tipping Point

This is an important time in health, wellness, and climate change. As Dr. Robert Lustig said:

"Two separate policy forums both agreed that ultra-processed food is the bad guy. For the first time, I actually heard out of the food industry's mouths that they needed to do something about ultra-processed food, both for health and for the climate. This is the time!"

Please watch the whole welcome message by Dr. Robert Lustig by visiting: He also addresses the problem with sugar and children, especially in school cafeterias, and why there is more child obesity than ever before.

During this summit you can also watch authors and doctors like Dr. Christopher Palmer explain how the ketogenic diet is not just a fad for weight loss, but a method utilized to help conditions such as depression, Alzheimer’s, and Schizophrenia.

When we reduce sugar and flour, then increase essential fatty acids and amino acids (aka- protein), this slows down and reverses high blood sugar levels. With less glucose in the body, there's less inflammation in the mind. Inflammation is often the leading factor involved in mental disorders, and it comes from our environment.

Join the summit, quit sugar, and share the information to your friends and family for overall wellness in your mind and your community.


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