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New Collaboration with Yoga Essentiel

I am pleased to announce that I will be a part of the faculty at Yoga Essentiel in Montreal. The founder and director, Josephine Vittoria, has asked me to join her team and I am more than thrilled to start this journey.

The Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga Essentiel is a cut above the rest. Here's an excerpt from the program page:

“Our 200-hour teacher training program is designed to assist in personal development as well as providing all the prerequisites to becoming a certified and qualified yoga teacher. You will leave this training with a deeper understanding of yourself and your personal practice; and prepared to share these teachings with clarity, authenticity, and confidence.”

With Josephine guiding you as a yoga teacher, you will receive the best possible understanding of the basics and foundation of yoga. She’s passionate for all aspects of yoga, and it radiates through her teaching and her practice. Along with other dedicated and competent teachers, this yoga teacher training is well-rounded and versatile.

I will be teaching the new module added called Fascia & Kinesis. I aim to bring a deeper understanding of connective tissue, movement, compensations, proprioception, interoception, and more!

For more details, dates, and how to register, please visit the website at:


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