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8 Powerful Ways to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolution

Happy New Year! We’ve finally made it to 2021 and a whole new calendar year is upon us. A new year always feels like the start of a new chapter and that energy creates motivation to set new goals. Every January is resolution season and people all over the world make them often with the intent of bettering themselves. Although one can choose to do better or be better any day of the year, this is the time of year where people really hone in on this energy to get started.

In that regard, I have put together a short, easy, yet powerful list of ways to stay dedicated to your goals all year round. Especially if those goals are amongst the most common resolutions such as exercise more, lose weight, quit smoking, get more organized and save more money.

Whatever the big picture may be, follow this list to ensure success:

8 Powerful Ways to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolution

1. Don’t start with the whole list! That’s right; start by choosing a few and implement those first. Most people don’t stick to their new year’s resolution because it’s the amount of changes all at once that become overwhelming and hard. Instead, take it easy on yourself and introduce these next things slowly into your routine. Become comfortable with a few and then add the rest. It’s about building long-term, achievable goals.

2. Write it down: Writing down your desire makes it come to life. Start by writing down the overall goal, write down your intention of why you want this in your life, then write down 2 to 3 steps you can tangibly take towards achieving that goal.

3. Visualize it: Now that you have written down the goal, why you want it in your life and the steps you will take to get there; take a moment to pause, close your eyes and envision yourself doing it. Picture yourself doing what is needed, picture yourself happy and grateful to be able to work towards your goals. Finally, picture it as though it is the result, you’re finally there! How does it look? How do you feel? Hold that vision and it will get you to the finish line!

4. Get organized: Clean up, throw out and make space. After organizing your thoughts, the next focus should be to organize your space. Studies show that physical clutter can also clutter our minds. Studies also show that a mess that goes unattended can create stagnant energy in the home and obviously, the energy in the home affects the energy of the body & mind. Therefore, once your environment is organized, keep it that way. You will have more time to put towards your goals and less time cleaning.

5. Acquire or gather the resources needed to achieve your goals: You will certainly need some material items for your new routine. Whether it’s a yoga mat, a food scale or a daily planner, take inventory of what you have during your organization (step 4) and gather the items you will need for your resolution to succeed. If you’re missing something, then invest in yourself and purchase what is needed (within reason, of course).

Side note: If your resolution is to do more breath work, then technically no equipment is needed to breathe. However, maybe you’ve been thinking about downloading an app or subscribing to a YouTube channel for help. Just do it and finally let yourself be guided. My recommendations: Wim Hof and Head Space.

6. Track your progress: You can add to your writing by journaling the progress of your goal each day, week or month. Overtime, you will be able to go back and reference what worked for you, what didn’t, and where you have reached in your journey.

7. Put in the work: You’ve written it down; you’re organized and ready to go… but now you must act. Knowledge and will are nothing without action.

Perform the physical acts that are needed to reach your goals. For instance:

  • If you’re trying to lose weight: complete the exercise you have scheduled for that day (no matter how fast or how slow, completing it as best you can will make you stronger naturally). Also, once you’re at the grocery store, physically buy the fruits & vegetables over the sweets & microwave dinners. Instead, opt for fresh ingredients you’re sure to cook yourself.

  • If you’re trying to save or invest money: Google it! You can read just about anything online, so why not research how you can set a savings schedule in your banking app. Or discover the proper moves you need to make with your money for your age. Learn some simple rules for investing and create your own abundance. Let go of fear and physically move your money to your savings or investments without procrastinating anymore.

  • If you’re trying to quit smoking: it’s all about steps 3, 6 & 7. Visualize yourself smoking less, feel it, believe it is tangible and see your future-self who is completely happy without a cigarette in their fingers. Use step 6 to track your progress by counting down how many cigarettes you have literally quit smoking. And back to step 7, which is to put in the work. Physically put down the cigarette, replace it with a healthier habit like drinking a glass of water instead and go back to step 3.

8. Breathe: To stay connected to your breath is to ensure success in just about anything in life. When one is connected to breath, it means they are always conscious of the inhales and exhales going in and out of the body. This subtle flow helps reduce stress on the body and mind, allowing them to function better. So anytime your resolution becomes challenging, as it can, stay calm and return to your breath. Taking a moment to pause and breathe it out, is a sure-fire way to regain focus before continuing any further. Once you’re recharged with breath, you’re recharged with purpose!

Now take a BIG, DEEP breath and ignite your purpose and passion. Live the year you want, live the year you said you would, and stay motivated until all your desires come true. I invite you to keep this list handy and come back to it every couple of days or weeks and check if you’ve stayed on course.

I will wish you the best of luck for the year ahead, even though you won’t need it with this list!


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