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Free Sample Video #2: Induction

Induction is the physical foundation of the gentle touch used in fascia therapy. Patience and intention are essential to feel this touch come to life, which is exactly what induction allows- it allows the tissues to come to life.

Therefore, fascia therapy is gentle on the client and the therapist. Let’s observe.

Free Sample Video #2: Induction


  • Definition: The process or action of bringing about or giving rise to sensations.

  • Weight of the hand should be about 5mg of pressure for a fascial assessment.

  • Observe and feel for lines of tension or lines of ease.

  • Induction hints at the next area to be treated.

  • Coming back to center completes the maneuver.

  • For massage-sake, flow.

  • Always peel and lift off slowly.

At last, as you will see, all the techniques are filmed from my point of view, giving you, the viewer, a virtual reality experience! Making it easy to dive right in and follow along to. Good luck on the quiz! Click below to enroll.

Thank you.

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