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4 Must-Read Benefits on Drinking Water

It's the middle of summer and now more than ever, it is extremely important to be hydrated.

Here are 4 great reasons to drink more water and eat fresh foods that are rich in water:

1. Better Mood + Increased Energy: Lack of water can degrade specific aspects of cognitive performance including impaired motor function and shortened memory which can lead to having negative moods. Your body needs adequate amounts of water in order for it to function properly and your body performs at its best when it is charged with water. Findings have shown that even the modest levels of dehydration can decrease our mental and physical performance by 20%.

2. Lubricates Muscles + Joints: Water makes up around 75% of your muscles and composes around 25% of your bones. Proper hydration keeps these levels optimal and decreases joint and muscle pain. Water reduces inflammation in and around the joints, it also flushes out lactic acid and metabolic waste in the muscles. Water transports healthy minerals and vitamins to the muscles promoting healthy tissues.

3. Better Digestion + Promotes Weight Loss: Water helps breakdown and convert food into energy, removes waste from your organs and improves circulation. Water is also 0 calories and when opting for water over sugary drinks, this is a sure-fire way to prevent weight gain. Sugary drinks or too much coffee can also dehydrate your system, making it harder to lose weight. High caloric drinks can lead to more sugar cravings and feeling hungry very often, when really your body is dehydrated. Next time you have a craving for sugar or if you find yourself hungry again and again, opt for drinking water instead; it will decrease your cravings, suppress your appetite and lower your blood sugar levels making your feel replenished.

4. Healthier Skin: Dehydration results in dry skin and wrinkles. Hydration helps build and repair tissue cells which slows down the aging process. Who doesn't want that?!

BONUS: Have you ever tried The Pinch Test? The Pinch Test can determine whether you are dehydrated and can tell you how elastic your skin is at the moment.

While on the subject of the skin, did you know? In medical terms, the skin is actually called the epidermis and known as the superficial fascia layer. I talk about all the layers of fascia in Chapter 2 of my new e-book Connect: A Practical Guide to Fascia.

For more on fascia, you can check out my e-book HERE.

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