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Like Last Week's Article on Cellulite? Then You'll Love this Audio Clip About the Skin, Listen In.

Last week we discussed the topic of cellulite and how to eliminate it for good with the use of massage therapy and massage guns. Why choose massage to get rid of cellulite? Because cellulite forms in areas where fascia is stuck, tense and contracted. Stimulating these stubborn areas will re-align tissues that are being pushed by fatty cells which cause the appearance of dimples.

This is how you can help get rid of cellulite that is already there, but another important way to combat cellulite is through prevention. Understanding the skin and all the factors that affect the appearance of the skin is helpful in making healthy choices that support your goals to get rid of cellulite FOR GOOD. This is why I have chosen a reading from my new e-book Connect: A Practical Guide to Fascia.

This audio excerpt provides a sneak peak into Chapter 2. Skin and Connective Tissue. So, without further ado, listen HERE.

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