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Black Friday Sale with

Black Friday sales are upon us! I invite you to invest in your health with this super sale presented by Joey at Apex Coaching and Inside Tracker.

Inside Tracker helps improve your body from the inside out, just like nutrition and supplementation does. Through specific blood biomarker testing, Inside Tracker can provide a snapshot of your body in real time. Then, with Joey as your coach, he will have access to your test results and be the one to analyze them. This allows him as a naturopath and personal trainer, to have more insight as to what’s going on and he can let you know how you can feel, age, and perform better through customized lifestyle and nutrition habits.

Dive deeper into functional health

A lot of these specific biomarkers are not easily available or commonly tested in Quebec or Canada, such as:

  • Apolipoprotein B (ApoB) which is a cardiovascular risk predictor.

  • Vitamin D which assesses not only your immune system but also your bone health.

  • Cortisol which is a stress indicator.

  • Folate which is required for the body to create new and healthy cells, also an important biomarker to know when trying to get pregnant.

  • Electrolytes which measure the acids and bases in your body, helping to control muscle, nerve, heart activity, and more.

But my favorite feature with Inside Tracker is that you’re able to test your Inner Age! Your Inner Age tells your biological age versus your chronological age. So, if your biological age is lower than your chronological age, then you’re beating the clock!

For the first time ever, you can get any of these biomarkers and your Inner Age tested without a prescription or long wait times with your general doctor. A technician or nurse will draw the blood from the comfort of your own home, then in just a few days, it will all be available in the palm of your hand in the app. I got my results in just 5 days!

What’s the deal?

Right now, Inside Tracker is having the biggest sale of the year. All individual tests will be discounted by 30%. All test bundles for couples or families will be discounted by 50%. Simply choose the package you would like, then use Joey’s code for an EXTRA 10% OFF with the promo code "APEXCOACHPROSPECIAL".

That’s anywhere from 40% - 60% OFF. Invest in your health this Black Friday!

Shop now, click HERE.


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