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Fix Your Posture Challenge #4

It’s week 4 of Fix Your Posture Challenge! Questions about week 3:

  1. Did you get a chance to try it once a day for 7 days?

  2. Did you feel stronger in the glutes and legs by the end of the week?

  3. Were you sore in the gluteal muscles after some days?

If so, the soreness is just like after a workout and it means the glutes were properly engaged! This week’s challenge will focus on fluidity of the spine in one simple motion. This week’s exercise is also the last of the challenge series, therefore, we will end with a great flow for the spine.

Let’s begin!

Challenge #4: Cat – Cow pose.

These poses should be done in one single fluid motion with synchronized breath.

What to do:


  • Start in a table-top position, with your wrists under your shoulders and your knees under your hips.

  • Toes should be untucked, begin to press the toenails into the floor for stability and take a deep breath in.

  • As you exhale, draw your belly to your spine and round your back, looking like a cat stretching its back!

  • Let the crown of your head release toward the floor but avoid tucking in your chin so that the ears stay above your shoulders (not in line with them).

In one fluid motion, with breath, we transition to Cow pose.


  • As you inhale, let the belly drop, begin the movement from the tailbone, extending up the spine.

  • Broaden across the scapulae, lowering the shoulders away from your ears.

  • Lift the chest and gaze up at your third eye (between the eyebrows) to engage the posterior chain muscles.

  • Exhale as you return to Cat pose, then inhale to come back into Cow pose.

  • Repeat for 10 - 20 breaths.

That’s it, you’re done! One major tip I can give for this exercise is to find flow in the motion! Begin with a few slow rounds to really feel the sensations of the spine. Once your body becomes more coordinated, move to a moderate pace and breath.

Finally, avoid getting up too quickly; sit back on your heels with your torso upright and notice if your spine feels lighter after completing the exercise.

Complete this exercise everyday for the next 7 days until next week when we put all the moves together!

Type “Yes” if you’re joining the challenge.

Keep me posted on your progress and enjoy!

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