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Latest Promos! Take a look.

If you've been following me on social media, you might have seen my latest promos out now.

See what's new, and see which promo video is for you!

My YouTube Channel

First, check out my YouTube channel which features relaxing head massages. These are my real clients, family, and friends, experiencing real relaxation and results. I say "real" because oddly enough, a lot of head massage videos on YouTube consist of massages being performed on a mannequin head... usually because the person filming isn't a licensed massage therapist. Hence, my massages are being captured and shared on real people, in the hopes of triggering an A.S.M.R effect for you, the viewer.

What does A.S.M.R mean?

This means an Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, which has a calming effect on someone and can create a cascade of tingling sensations felt from the scalp, down the spine and the limbs.

This is the relaxation you get when you subscribe to my channel:

Make sure to like or comment, then hit that notification bell so you get an alert every time a new video gets posted!

My New Course

Next, I invite you to check out my upcoming course. Last year I wrote the book, this year it comes to life!

Based on Connect: A Practical Guide to Fascia, this course is for all levels who want to learn about fascia therapy or deepen their practice. This course is great for massage therapists, bodyworkers, personal trainers, yoga teachers and anybody interested in how this system of the body functions.

Here's an exclusive sneak peak at the course:

Always using my unique approach and perspective of the third-eye view, you can learn the techniques and maneuvers while following along with the provided course material. This course will allow you to learn from home, at your own pace, all while feeling like you're right there with me!

If this is for you or someone you know, be sure to share and stay tuned for the launch date.

Thank you in advance for subscribing!

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