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Why Herbs are My Favorite Green!

Herbs are my favorite type of green because using them is easiest way to add green to every each and single meal or snack of the day! This means phytonutrients and vitamins every time you eat.

It’s important to try and aim for this because our foods today don’t contain the same amount of nutrients in them as they did 200 years ago, or ever 50 years ago. The taste back then was so much more pungent and aromatic… that’s because the soil was much richer. Today, if you eat organic fruits and vegetables, sometimes a taste may remind us of our grandparents and takes us on a trip down memory lane... that's because organic produce is denser in vitamins and nutrients. So, it reminds us of a time when we were eating this way. However, if you don’t eat organic, then it’s not likely you will taste these beautiful flavours again.

When we buy at bulk stores, most meat & fish are injected with saline, most of the fresh produce are genetically modified and sprayed with pesticides, and finally, the cheapest items in the store are all in the middle aisles like sugary cereals, and cookies.

Instead, eating organic and including greens at every meal is a more natural and healthy way to eat.

Fun examples of when to add herbs, dry or fresh, from morning to night:

  • Avocado topped with mint.

  • Eggs topped with oregano.

  • Sauerkraut mixed with oregano and black pepper.

  • Canned tuna mixed with dill.

  • Tuna steak topped with dill.

  • Chicken topped with basil or pesto.

  • Tofu rolled in fine herbs.

  • Salmon and parsley crust.

  • White fish and thyme.

  • Zucchini noodles topped with parsley.

  • Eggplant parmesan topped with basil is a must-have!

  • Stir-fry sauteed with basil is a must-try!

  • Any soup topped with chives.

  • Hummus topped with chives.

  • Baked potato topped with chives.

  • Roasted vegetables with rosemary.

  • Any green salad topped with ANY herb mentioned above. Even your greens will have greens!

Finally, herbs in general usually have denser nutritional content than vegetables, making it another reason why herbs are my favorite green! Sprinkle them on any of your dishes today!

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