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Fix in Six!

Congratulations! If you’ve been following along, you just completed the full 4 weeks of Fix Your Posture Challenge! Questions about week 4:

  1. Did you get a chance to try it once a day for 7 days?

  2. Did you feel more fluid in your spine?

  3. Did you even begin to relax during Cat- Cow?

If so, you did it right! When practiced together, the synchronicity of the breath with the poses helps to warm up the body and calm the mind, which relieves stress.

Using 6 simple moves, in just 4 weeks, this sequence aims to develop postural awareness and bring the spine into proper alignment. When practiced regularly, this sequence can help prevent back pain and prevent old postures and habits from settling back in.

Now let’s put all the moves together to bring balance throughout the entire body!

This sequence is called “Fix in Six”:

1. Box frame with arm extensions

2. Sphinx pose

3. Bow pose

4. Bridge pose

5. Camel pose

6. Cat – Cow pose

Make sure to go back to the previous articles for all the cues needed to perform the exercises correctly.

Try this flow sequence when you wake up in the morning to start your day or after sitting for a long period of time. Always stay within your own range of motion abilities. Remember, practice makes progress.

I hope these poses I have put together helps improve your posture, your breath, your mood, and your life!



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