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Free Sample Video #3: Cervical glide to the sub-occipitals

This next technique is a fan-favorite! Who doesn’t love a massage with gliding up the back of the neck?!

The proper terminology for the back of the neck is the cervical spine and this technique begins just below, at the top of the thoracic spine, leading up to the sub-occipitals. The sub-occipital muscles are found at the base of the cranium, situated underneath the occipital bone. These are 2 common tension points at the back of the head, which most people love getting massaged. Let’s observe how to get there properly.

Free Sample Video #3: Cervical glide to the sub-occipitals


  • Good to initiate an effect on the parasympathetic nervous system.

  • Start in the thoracic spine at approximately T2-T3.

  • Place and hook the fingertips on either side of the spinous process (A vertebra’s posterior bony projection; the visible row of bumps that run down the back).

  • Allow for induction.

  • Then begin the glide up slowly towards the head staying in the transverse process grooves (The space between the spinous process bone and the transverse process bones).

  • Once at the sub-occipitals, the Still-Points are relaxed (See image at approximately 3:18 for reference points).

  • Observe changes in elasticity or temperature of the fascia.

  • Bonus: it is a good time to test the health of the C-Spine: check for alignments of the spinous processes, clear pathways of the transverse process grooves, and test flexion/extension capabilities.

  • Return to complete one last pass of the cervical glide to complete the technique.

  • Lighten, let go and lift off slowly.

Remember to keep a light touch and flow to keep the relaxation of the person on the table, as this is a massage.

How are you liking the techniques filmed from my point of view? Do you feel like you’re experiencing a virtual reality? Leave your likes and comments, I would love to hear your thoughts.

Thank you.

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