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How Your Words Affect Your Health

Scientific proof that words have power

Do your words have power?

Yes, your thoughts can change your reality. Human consciousness could affect the molecular structure of matter in any internal or external environment because everything is energy. Matter is energy because it is made up of atoms and atoms are made up of energy particles like protons, electrons, and neutrons, which are all changeable. Therefore, energy and matter are interchangeable.

When discussing words, whether thought or said aloud, this shapes your reality, your state of mind, your mood and even your body. This is how your words or "energy" can make you feel good or bad, which alters your "matter". The phenomena that comes into action here is the Universal Law of Vibration.

Did you know? The Law of Vibration comes before the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction is to attract, through action- an outcome, a goal, a purpose or even a task. But before completing any task comes the thought that provoked it! The thought that provokes an action and the words we use can be either positive or negative.

Positive words and sayings such as "love" or "you can do it" comes from a place of motivation and readiness. When we stay in the positive, the area of frontal lobe strengthens, and the brain's cognitive function improves.

However, negative words and sayings such as "wrong" or "that's not good enough" comes from a place of anger, lack, sadness or even grief. These thoughts can interfere with the signals in frontal lobe and decrease the ability to make proper decisions. When we plan in a frazzled state, signals send alarming messages to the brain to respond to stress. This can increase cortisol, heart rate and shortness of breath in the body, causing more harm than good.

Proof of this can be seen in Dr. Masaru Emoto's Water Test.

Dr. Emoto was a Japanese businessman, author and pseudo-scientist who proved this theory through exposing water in sample dishes or glasses to different positive and negative words; the results are astonishing.

The sample dishes exposed to words such as "angel", "I love you", and "peace" all formed white, light crystallizations. The sample dishes exposed to words such as "you make me sick", or "evil" formed clouded, dark crystallizations. The best part though, can be seen in the image of how the water transformed from dark to light after being exposed to prayer, even in polluted waters. Comparable to the lotus flower that blooms in mud.

How do I get power over my words?

To get power over your words is to gain power over your thoughts. Thoughts are controllable through awareness. Be aware of what you're thinking and how it makes you feel. If you feel at ease, the thoughts are most likely pleasant and little to no stress is present. However, if you feel uncomfortable, anxious, irritated, or even when you're mad- ask yourself why? Why am I feeling this way during this topic? If the emotion is related to the present topic, like stress from work, then you might get over it when the workday is done, but you would still aim not to feel stressed in the first place.

Furthermore, what if you find yourself lashing out at the most minute detail and seemingly out of no where? The example Dr. Bruce Lipton provides in "The Biology of Belief" is:

"How many times have you found yourself going ballistic over something trivial like an open toothpaste tube? You have been trained since childhood to carefully replace the cap. When you find the tube with its cap left off, your "buttons are pushed" and you automatically fly into a rage."

This is a subconscious response. This response is clearly not controlled but reactive. The proper thing to practice here is to change the reaction. To do this, you must change the subconscious through rewiring. This means think new thoughts!

This can be done through affirmations and mind-body-centered therapies such as reiki, yoga, meditation, or massage. Sometimes, when the stress is overwhelming, it’s ok to let someone else relax the mind and body. In this situation, thank yourself that you have still taken the steps to take the time out to re-align your energy.

It is important for our well-being to retreat until energy is regained and we are strong enough to shift the mind’s energy toward positive thinking. Once we recapture control of our body and mind, we can take back our day or night. From this turning point, it is important to maintain this positive new energy by observing the next thoughts and allowing them to pass with ease as to not get triggered once again.

Remain in the peace of all the strength you accumulated during your inner work and revel in the endless possibilities in life, all by choosing one thought over the next. The choice is always changeable, just like energy, with the words we use.

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