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Reiki Helps Anxiety

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General Anxiety Disorder (GAD) includes feeling nervous about a wide range of topics such as work, finances, illness, medication, food and more. Anxiety can also be overwhelming when thinking of past, present, or future events.

The cause of anxious thoughts is often due to something that triggers our emotions. Feelings of insecurity, nervousness, stress, worry, isolation, and fear can occur. This is often due to bad memories or conditioning from young.

Did you know? Reiki can calm down anxiety, the same way a massage can decrease stress. Reiki helps identify triggers, helps ease reoccurring nervous patterns, and then can reverse the negative thoughts that come with it.

Reiki Helps Anxiety

Reiki can help with mental and emotional problems including stress, anxiety, and depression because it elicits feelings of calm and deep relaxation.

Reiki helps balance the seven major energy centers of the body known as chakras. Energy, good or bad, can be absorbed by these energy fields based on our experiences, thoughts, and reactions. Balanced chakras keep the body and mind nourished and healthy. Imbalanced chakras can cause serious problems like constant fatigue, joint paint, sleep disorders, poor circulation, and yes- anxiety.

When a person is anxious, the chakra that is affected is the sixth chakra, known as the Third Eye chakra. Situated between the eyes and brows, the Third Eye chakra governs the pineal gland. The pineal gland’s main function is to secrete a hormone called melatonin, which aids in regulating one’s sleep cycle and maintaining a clear mind. A clear mind can determine one’s ability to perceive reality and how one forms opinions about what they see and how they live. This is especially important when discussing anxiety.

Anxiety occurs when the Third Eye chakra is imbalanced. It can cause trouble in understanding reality and even going so far as to creating your own reality. Those who suffer from anxiety often have worrisome thoughts, create scenarios, fall into fake drama, and become untrusting. This may then dominate their capacity to go out, socialize, or get things done. All of these are signs of a blocked Third Eye chakra.

Using Reiki to Unblock the Third Eye Chakra

A Reiki session begins with an open dialogue between the client and the practitioner, as it would with your massage therapist or naturopath. During this time, physical symptoms, pain, emotional events, and everyday stressors are described. Each trauma, injury or negative emotion being expressed helps the practitioner to know which of the chakras are involved and which ones need balancing. The Reiki session then begins with the client lying face up and fully clothed on a massage table. The practitioner then proceeds to scan the 7 main chakras and will stop at the level that needs attention.

For anxiety, the Reiki practitioner will place their hands on or hovering just above the client’s Third Eye chakra. Other areas associated with anxiety include the chest and how well one is breathing. As well as the adrenals, responsible for fight-or-flight mode, therefore these areas may need attention as well. Sensations such as warmth, cold, tingling or sweating may be felt as the practitioner stops to balance the chakra. Some people may even have spiritual visualizations of colors, numbers, angels, or past experiences during Reiki. They may even feel emotional and cry, but these are all perfectly normal and in fact, a necessary part of the healing process.

Once a release has occurred, the energy is stabilized and can flow better. A sense of warmth, comfort, and relief can be felt. After the session is over, your practitioner will talk with you about the issue, help you accept it, embrace it, and give you the proper tools such as positive mantras to help truly cleanse it.

Try Reiki to boost your physical, emotional, and mental health. Get the most out of your healing journey by addressing issues of the body, mind and of course, the soul. Set up an appointment today. Namaste.

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