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Free Sample Video #4: Opening of the scapular belt (supine)

This is the last free sneak-peak video into the course! How are you liking the techniques filmed from my point of view so far? Do you feel like you’re experiencing a virtual reality? Please leave your likes and comments, I would love to hear your thoughts.

If you haven’t enrolled yet, here’s the link that will give you full access to the course, only on Udemy.

This technique aims to release the scapular belt while in a supine position, meaning the position of lying face up. We don’t physically see the scapulae (a.k.a.- shoulder blades), however its fascia wraps all around the thoracic cage, like a belt around the waist.

For those who have a rounded posture and pain between the shoulder blades (almost everyone), this technique will help soothe those areas in a non-invasive approach. Let’s watch...

Free Sample Video #4: Opening of the scapular belt (supine)


  • Promotes a transverse plane release.

  • Place the top hand on the thoracic inlet (see image).

  • Place the bottom hand at approximately T1, directly under the top hand to be able to create a fascial compression between both hands.

  • Allow for induction.

  • What is the barrier of depth also known as?

  • Follow the line of ease, which is the favorable approach in fascia therapy (as opposed to other types of massage therapy which demand more effort).

  • Oscillations are performed on a fascial level only and range in intensities, from intentional to deep transversal frictions.

  • Don’t forget the back hand!

  • Once the fascia is less taut, begin to slow down.

  • Always come back to center, lighten the compression between both hands, take away the bottom hand first, then followed by the top hand, slowly.

How great does your volunteer feel right now?!

Now let’s complete this massage together! Please visit Udemy to enroll now!

Thank you.


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