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Read The Body Blog: It’ll rub off on you!

April is Stress Awareness Month and a good way to enhance your wellness journey is to read, research, and learn how to reduce your stress and symptoms.

My wellness blog covers all sorts of topics from posture, nutrition, anxiety, and mindfulness. It’s full of fun facts too, like the one below.

DID YOU KNOW? The color for Stress Awareness month is blue. A light blue is a peaceful color that stimulates a powerful sense of calm.

Whether you choose to wear light blue or go outside for a walk to look at the clear blue sky, connect to the color blue in a way that’s right for you! Feel the calm, take a few deep breaths, and feel your stress melt away. It CAN be that easy.

If you like that fun fact, I invite you to share and subscribe today! You will have access to all sorts of health and wellness resources. Click here to subscribe:

Read The Body Blog: it’ll rub off on you, I guarantee it!

(Thank you to Garry for the funny, clever, and witty line!)

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