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Yoga for Well-Being

International Yoga Day is celebrated every 21st of June, coinciding with the summer solstice and World Music Day. From a spiritual standpoint, one can see that these three occasions on the same date can be electrifying!

Yoga, music, and the summer solstice all celebrate and encompass life, light, and longevity. Traditionally, people around the world, especially Indigenous tribes, would celebrate the summer solstice with outdoor feasts, music, singing, dancing, bonfires, and connecting to one’s self and their community.

If we compare, a yoga class is equivalent to this type of celebration. A group of people gathering to honor themselves, improve their bodies and their alignment, ultimately reaching a sensation with a higher source of energy. Combined with an outdoor practice, like when summer arrives, this energy is even more palpable and gives greater health benefits to the body and mind.

The health benefits of outdoor yoga

For those who attend outdoor yoga classes or simply enjoy a solo flow in the park, can understand the symbolism of practicing yoga under the sun. There is even a specific flow of poses in yoga called the Sun Salutation (and there is also the Moon Salutation). The Sun Salutation is intended to be a prayer in motion of worship toward the sun!

Appreciably, when one combines a yoga flow with music in the natural world outdoors, the benefits are numerous. They include:

  • Absorption of Vitamin D

  • Increased amount of oxygen intake

  • Decreased brain-fog

  • Increased mood

  • More energy

  • Better posture

  • Improved self-confidence

  • Improved brainwaves with the sound of music

  • Improved connection with nature

  • Grounding effects, mentally and physically

  • Relaxation of the nervous system

  • Higher awareness of one’s self and their surroundings

These three aspects work incredibly well together because of their beneficial impact on mental health; and as we know the mind and body and nature are all connected. One simply cannot live without the other.

You can also connect yoga with music while in a nature, without the use of electronics! Through singing and chanting you can even stimulate each chakra as you flow. Find out more:

What is the theme of International Yoga Day 2021?

It is “Yoga for well-being”, which is essentially what yoga is all about! Yoga teaches us how to improve our posture, our quality of breath, our energy levels, and our mood.

Considering this year’s theme, I invite you to take my “Fix in Six” with you to the park or in your backyard and connect with an outdoor setting. This is just one of the many sequences that exists in yoga that you can follow along to.

For all the specific cues, please refer to the previous articles where you can find detailed steps for each of the following poses. You can begin here:

Enjoy, namaste.

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