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3 Eccentric Ways to Boost Your Energy!

Do you need an energy boost? Have you been following all my posts about energy lately? Everything is energy and, in that regard, we can learn how to use our energy to manage our well-being. Try these quirky yet all-natural and holistic approaches I'm writing about today, which are fun and easy to do!

1. Drink this Adrenaline Juice: Orange Juice and Cream of Tartar

This sour and tangy elixir is an unusual cocktail intended to boost your adrenals. Adrenal fatigue is a chronic issue that goes unnoticed for a long time in lots of people.

If you suffer from constant joint and muscle aches, poor mood regulation, decreased focused, decreased performance during exercise and longer recovery times, you may have adrenal fatigue. Likewise, being on a low-carb diet, like keto, for too long will diminish glycogen stores and your adrenals. A good way to tell if you have adrenal fatigue is if you’re one who ALWAYS has that 3pm craving for sugar or coffee.

Instead of reaching for the same foods, give your body a shock and try this orange juice and cream of tartar drink. Loaded with Vitamin C and potassium, this adrenal cocktail is sure to boost your energy. Furthermore, this drink may relax bowels and muscle cramps/spasms, so there can be a lot of activity happening in the body when you try this drink. Therefore, I recommend drinking it in the morning.

Follow the recipe below and if you’re looking for a sugar-free option, substitute the orange juice for diet cranberry juice or organic coconut water. Enjoy!

2. Full Body Tapping

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Tapping is an ancient technique used in Japan, China, and India to access the meridians of the body, also known as energy pathways. Tapping on these energy channels is done through constant percussive stimulation. Yes, this technique involves hitting yourself, somewhat!

Tapping is a great way to self-massage, awaken the body first thing in the morning and boost your energy whenever needed throughout the day.

Did you know? In India, your barber can give you a percussion head-massage! In Japan, even your hairdresser gives EFT Tapping as a part of the custom.

Taking your palm, fist or fingertips and simply tap your body parts, starting from the head to the toes or vice versa. Pay attention to where it hurts or where you can go harder and adjust the force accordingly. Full body tapping makes you feel much lighter and energized.

For a full body tapping routine, I often recommend following the first 19min (not even 20min) of this video from fitness guru- Mike Chang. I do this first part every morning myself and it really helps awaken my energy.

3. Chanting Different Sounds

Making different sounds with our voices is a fun and effective way to get rid of stagnant energy, while inviting in a new energy. Chanting of sounds such as “Ouuu”, “Ahhh”, or “Ommm” can be done quietly during meditation or vigorously while jumping (as you will see if you try the video above). Choose the best method for your needs, depending on where your energy levels are when you need the boost.

Chanting or singing different sounds stimulates the vagus nerve to open and increase function. When the vagus nerve is stimulated, we experience many benefits such as lowered blood pressure, improved quality in breathing, improved exchange of gases in the body, improved digestion, less bloating and better stress management. Once you get to a point where your mood is better and you feel like you have gained quality in your breathing cycle, then this is an indication that you have properly stimulated the vagus nerve.

In addition, there are different sounds which correspond to each chakra, or energy center, in the body. Energy can rebuild and remain in these energy centers when chanting the correlated sound. For instance, if you want to boost your Heart Chakra, you will sing the sound "YAAMMM", for the Throat Chakra, sing the sound " HAAMMM" and so on.

Don't worry if you're doing it right or wrong or if you're on key, just try it and see how it feels.

If you try any of these methods, I would love to hear from you! Did you notice a shift in your energy after chanting? Or did you get a rush of adrenaline from the juice? Let me know, keep in touch, keep reenergized!

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