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Detox Your Mind

When we say detox, we pay close attention to the body… but what about the mind? Body detoxification often refers to the process of cleansing the gut, liver, skin, and other organs.

It is truly beneficial for the body to remove unwanted toxins or built-up waste. It is even further important to create a new base line after that cleanse. The mentality of a “weekend-cleanse” is outdated and doesn’t work for long-term health. It’s a good stepping-stone, but whether it’s a 3- 4- or 21-day cleanse, the next step would be keep eating clean and do your best to keep your diet balanced. This will further enhance the effects of the detox because the gut lining is getting restored every day in this way.

With a new gut lining comes a new mind! If the gut is happy, the mind will be happy.

For more information of how to detox with teas, check out one of my latest articles: Time for a Tea-Tox!

A meaningful detoxification

When we take actions towards our well-being, such as detoxifications, exercise, and eating well, we are taking charge of our physical body. When the body has performed such tasks, it becomes lighter, and this can have a calming and soothing effect on the mind. Not to mention all the endorphins and serotonin producing at higher levels now.

In today’s culture, energizing the body and mind holistically has become very popular. This is a great awareness to have and an admirable way to live. However, how many of us truly have a clear head? A clear mind without chatter? Even with a healthy lifestyle, some still can’t seem to find Zen.

Here are some helpful indications that your mind needs a detox:

  1. You’re not breathing well, or at all: A poor or stunted breathing pattern reduces oxygen to the brain, decreasing focus and motivation. Your breath may be elevated during exercise but what about the other 23 hours of that day? Are you breathing mindfully at all times?

  2. Too much screen time: Too many artificial lights and screens increases alertness and impacts the nervous system in a negative way. This can lead to irritability, anger, apathy, and poor-quality sleep.

  3. You’re not sleeping enough: Probably because the last thing most of us do is watch TV or scroll through social media feeds right before bed. The negative effects of too much screen time comes back again. Be sure to prioritize sleep. That means putting down the phone, allowing your eyes to adjust to the surroundings again and eventually falling asleep more peacefully.

  4. You’re using too much fluoride: Fluoride has been linked to pineal glad calcification. The pineal gland is in the centre of our brains and produces cerebral-spinal fluid (CSF) and melatonin. If the pineal gland begins to calcify due to high fluoride levels, this decreases melatonin levels, which is the hormone responsible for sleep function. Check your toothpaste and mouth wash products for fluoride levels, and increase melatonin-boosting foods such as nuts, strawberries, tomatoes, mushrooms, and peppers.

  5. You’re indoors too much: Research shows being outside in nature has a positive influence on your nervous system and brain, and therefore, your mind. Nature improves breathing, mood, clarity, calmness, and your physical well-being.

How to clear the mind

There are many habits you can implement into your lifestyle that will help turn off the noise and clear the mind. For those living a healthy lifestyle already, these should be easy for you to add to the routine.

  1. Put the phone down: Have you ever heard of doom-scrolling? Without a goal or end in sight, you’re doomed to spend countless hours scrolling through content. This hurts the productivity of our day and often leaves us feeling guilty. Set a limit to your screen time and take the opportunity to disconnect.

  2. Turn the volume down: Excessive noise can cause damage to brain cells and has been linked to anxiety-like behaviour. Noise stress adds to emotional stress, and this affects our eating habits, focus, and how we respond to others.

  3. Turn the lights off: Once all the screens are off and everything is quiet, create a relaxing ambiance where you can unwind and take time to breathe. Treat yourself to dim lights or candlelight, experience how calm your mind becomes!

These mindful and relaxing practices are sure-fire ways to promote a clear mind. Just a pause away from all the noise. Furthermore, you may take advantage of the time during the pause to journal or meditate deeper.

Finally, before getting back to your life or devices, say something positive about yourself or your day that will leave you feeling optimistic. Bring this positivity with you throughout the day and see the positive changes it has on your mind.

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